The Cache View

Pressing a cache listing brings up the detailed information about that cache. The four tabs: Info, Listing, Logs and Images contain most of the information of the cache, and should be self-explanatory. 

The Vars tab

On the vars tab you can register variable that you "find" during a multi-cache. These variables can then be used to calculate the coordinates of waypoints by using formulas. The value of a variable can be a formula of its own.

The WP's tab

On this tab you can see the waypoints of a cache. You can also add, edit or delete waypoints and perform projections or intersections. Some functions can be accessed by long-pressing a waypoint, other functions are in the menu.

The Compass tab

On the compass tab you will see a compass with several data fields. The compass will display North, and a pointer in the direction of the selected cache.

The fields above the compass show the distance to the cache, the "GPS accuracy" (more correctly called the Estimated Position Error, or EPE, but almost everyone refers to it as the "accuracy"), the coordinates of the cache, and the cache or waypoint name (labeled "Destination").

Below the compass are left and right arrow buttons. These will be grayed out unless:

  • The cache has child waypoints, or
  • You have added a waypoint or waypoints to the cache in GDAK (see the next section).

If the buttons are active, they permit you to scroll between the multiple waypoints associated with the cache.

The Map tab

 This tab will display the maps with the geocaches. If your location can be determined a magenta line will show you the direction to the cache. If you enable the "map compass" a little arrow in the top of the screen will point you in the right direction. On the right site of the screen there will be a little box with the distance to the next point.