If you haven't done it yet: First install GDAK. There are a few ways to install GDAK:

  • Scan the QR-code on this page with you android device.
  • If you read this page on your android device: Click on the qr-code.
  • Via the playstore with your browser: Link
  • Just go to Google play yourself and search for GDAK.

When you have installed GDAK you can start it. An empty list will be displayed.

Now first press the menu-button and choose for Enable API. Press OK on the next screen and your browser will be started. When the page is downloaded you will have the possibility to login to geocaching.com after which the web-page will ask you if you want to allow GDAK to have access to your geocaching profile. Click on Allow Access and GDAK will be brought back to the front. After a few seconds you are returned to the (still) empty list.

If you goto Menu/Import you have two or three different ways to import caches:

  • Center
    Import caches by specifying a center and a radius.
  • PQ (premium members only)
    Download your pocket queries.
  • Single
    Download a single cache (you have to know the GC-code).

There is a forth way to import caches: Via the Import menuitem in the map view. The only difference with the import of the cache list is the coordinate in the Center tab: It is the center point of your map, or your current location (if the GPS has a fix)

Now that you have imported some caches you are ready to go.