From any of the cache description tabs, as well as from the Navigation page, you can log your cache hunt and later upload your log entries to To do so, press the Android menu button. You will see a Log visit button. If you press it, you will be taken to the log screen you see here.

Besides the GC code, you see a drop-down menu for the type of visit, that is, the type of log entry you wish to write. The choices are:

Found it
Didn't find it
Write note
Needs Archived
Needs Maintenance

The date logged will display with the Android's current date. Press the field if you wish to change the date.

Type any comments you wish, or whatever you want to remember about the hunt. Then press Save to save the log entry, or the Back button to return without saving the log.

Exporting Log Entries

Back on the cache listing page, press the Android Menu button, and then select Show logs. You will see a screen similar to this one:

This is a list of all the logs currently in your copy of GDAK. The logs with the red highlighting on the icon have already been exported, so you don't need them in GDAK anymore. You can delete them by selecting them (and deselect the others) and clicking the Delete.

Once you have deleted the logs you no longer need, you can select the remaining logs By pressing send you can send them to You have the choice to send them as logs or as fieldnotes. Sending the as fieldnotes has the advantage that you can edit them before you actual log the cache. Writing your logs on a PC can be much easier. You can find your fieldnotes on the Field Notes page on

There is also the option to export your logs to your SD-card. You can find this option when you press the Menu button. Your (checked) logs will then be saved to a file called geocaching_visits.txt, which you can find in the GDAK directory. You upload this file to as fieldnotes.

When you long-press a log you get a pop-up menu in which you can choose to edit or delete that log.