The Icon Line

There are other places in GDAK where you can control what is displayed. First is the line of icons that appears at the top of the cache list and looks like this:

This line shows the number of caches currently displayed in the list, and four icons. The function of each of the icons follows.

The User Icon

Tapping the user icon will immediately switch the display to show only those caches that have the user flag set on. The icon will highlight blue when it is active. Unlike the Always show flagged caches setting, tapping this icon will hide all caches that have not been flagged. To put it another way, you will only see caches that have the blue highlighting.

The Map Icon

Tapping this icon will immediately take you to Map View. More details will be found in theĀ Map View section.

The Database Icon

Tapping the Database Icon (the one that looks triangle in a circle) brings up a popup menu that displays all the databases in GDAK and lets you instantly switch from one to the other. This works exactly the same as the Database Name setting.

The Filter Icon

This will open the filter activity. Here you can set filters in your cache-list. This icon can have three colors:

  • Gray: No filter is active.
  • Blue: There is a "type-filter" active.
  • Red: There are one or more other filters active.

Cache Icon Highlights

A cache icon in the list can have different backgrounds. A red highlight indicates a cache that is archived or temporarily disabled. If you see an icon with a yellow highlight, it means you have already found that cache. A green highlight behind the cache icon means you are the owner of the cache.

Searching in GDAK

You can search for caches in the GDAK database from the cache listing window. Any string you enter in the GDAK searchbar will be compared to the cache names and to the cache identifier (the "GC" code). There are two ways to toggle the searchbar on and off:

  • Press the Android Menu button, and then press Searchbar.
  • Press the Search (magnifying glass) button on your Android (if your device has such a button).