The GDAK settings will allow you to customize some general settings. To access them, run GDAK on your Android device, press the Menu button, and tap "Settings". The following options will appear:

Database settings

  • GDAK Directory specifies the SD card folder where the GDAK data files are located. This should only be changed if for some reason you have put your GDAK files into a different folder from the default GDAK folder that was created at installation.
  • Database Name brings up a list of the GDAK databases you've created. Select the database you want to use.


  • Clear login data
    With this option you can clear your login data. Use this option when you change membership-types (ie: become a premium member)


  • Screen orientation lets you tell GDAK to always display in either portrait or landscape mode, or automatically switch depending on how the Android is being held.
  • Keep screen on
    Keep the screen on when GDAK is active.
  • Theme
    Choose between the dark or the light theme.


  • Don't use 2/3G
    With this option on GDAK will only use the internet when you are on WiFi.
  • Autoload
    If you import caches with the "light" option (No description) GDAK will automatically load the caches description when you open it.
  • Distance Units lets you select whether you want your distances displayed in metric or English (miles and feet) measurements.
  • Navigation application
    Here you can choose the app you want to use for navigation.